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vocational guidance 

The Home offers vocational guidance to the children in home and helps them to make life choices. Various soft skills trainings are offered to them according to their physical and psychological growth. To the children at home and school who are not able to enjoy the academic education after their high school are given formal and non-formal trainings in carpentry and other NSDC programmes at Thattanchavady.

At Don Bosco Boys Home we consider mental wellness as an important factor for the wholistic growth of the children

At regular intervals outings are arranged for the children at Home. Games, music, spiritual activities, yoga, manual work due to their age form part of their regular growth oriented programmes.

St. Joseph’s non-formal carpentry training center:

Carpentry trainees are grownup dropouts (aged between 15 – 20 years) from different remote villages. They are trained in our St. Joseph’s non-formal carpentry training center.  This training centre was started during the year 2000-2001 with seven boys. The strength was increased slowly year by year until the outbreak of Covid-19. After they master the trade, they move fruitfully for their jobs and they have a decent job and live a satisfied life.


DB Tech programmes

DB Tech was initiated to skill the marginalized youth of our surrounding area. It is run with the help of Accenture CSR project. Through this skilling and coaching under few trades are also availed. We also register the resume from unemployed youth and we approach the nearby industries, factories etc., for the job opportunities and request for their placements.Though we struggle with insufficient space, we keep open our hands to reach more needy and poor children.

 Neighborhood apostolate for the poor and underprivileged:

We are running two night study center at Thattanchavady and jeevandhapuram to facilitate special coaching and supervised study in the evening for neighboring children those who are under privileged. As the surrounding are slums the children don’t have enough facilities to follow their school works. We have 12 tuition teachers who are engaged in coaching them. As these children hail from very poor and deserving background we provide them all these facilities due to the generosity of friends and benefactors. It has become difficult now due to pandemic situation.