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The children who come to our home have a very poor primary education. Instead of sending these children to outside school, within the campus we run St, Dominic Savio Government aided English medium school for these children. This school is in Jeevanadhapuram. The primary aim to startthis school was to provide sound education, instill praise-worthy character, and robust physique so as to enable these under privileged children of the society to become useful to the society. This school not only caters to our boys in the home but also to the poor children of the locality. The school prepares pupils for the S.C.C. Examination. Co-curricular activities of valued nature are provided in order to promote harmonious development, both of mind and body.

It is obligatory on the part of the pupils to participate in all co-curricular and other school activities.

Physical training 

Physical training is well cared for. Besides the regular drill, yoga and dance education there are other usual sports and games. During the monsoons, indoor games are encouraged.

Health care 

Health care being an important factor in the school situation, both to the individual concerned and his classmates, with whom he would associate, a medical checkup is done to children at home and school at regular intervals. As per government directions periodically the children are vaccinated and are offered awareness on various sicknesses and on self-care measures.

vocational guidance 

The Home offers vocational guidance to the children in home and helps them to make life choices. Various soft skills trainings are offered to them according to their physical and psychological growth. To the children at home and school who are not able to enjoy the academic education after their high school are given formal and non-formal trainings in carpentry and other NSDC programmes at Thattanchavady.

At Don Bosco Boys Home we consider mental wellness as an important factor for the wholistic growth of the children 

At regular intervals outings are arranged for the children at Home. Games, music, spiritual activities, yoga, manual work due to their age form part of their regular growth oriented programmes